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We are not just any magazine, our contents are tailored towards the lifestyle of a muslimah. With our constant aim to impact, promote and encourage the muslim women.

We cannot do it alone without your support. In this regard if our aim aligns with yours and you would love to write for us, we gladly appreciate.

You can contribute to our blog by writing for any of our categories below.

Deen: Share knowledge about the deen tailored towards muslims and muslimahs.Topics that serves as a reminder to Allahs call and the people who lived on the path of Islam. ( contents for this category are to be backed up with evidence from the Quran and Sunnah)

The Muslimah: This is the lifestyle category of our magazine. With sub categories of :

The Muslimah Series- the muslimah series focus on our identity as a woman and a muslim in all spheres and works of life. Share with us your journey,your story and views for the benefits and uplifment of fellow muslimahs.

Hijabtitude- this is a combination of the word hijab and attitude. Here, share with us experiences, thoughts and words that depicts the should/should not of a muslimah’s attitude and relationships with others.

Beauty- For the love of beauty, make up, hair and skin care routine. Share with us your tips, products recommendations and reviews on any of these.

Fashion: curated for muslim women to fit into various tastes and fashion styles by modest fashion bloggers, designers and stylist. Do you have a lookbook, outfit or fashion tips or styles to share? Our arms are wide open.

Career- A Muslim woman is a bundle of success. With this category, our aim is to help us grow our businesses and achieve our career goals. Are you a business/career coach or you would love to share your success experience and tips with us? This category is for you.

Food- Eating healthy is our part of a healthy livelihood. For food bloggers, lovers and restaurants who would love to share recipes, tips and showcase their food business, we can’t wait to have your articles.


  1. We accept only articles written by Muslim women.
  2. Url links are to be provided for any source used outside yours in the preparation of the write-up to ensure originality and credibility.
  3. Attach links you want us to publish along with your article and pictures you might want us to use.
  4. Include your full name in your article for easy identification.
  5. All articles are to be sent to theproudmuslimahmag@gmail.com with subject as content contribution and name of category you are providing articles for.
  6. All articles are not to be more than 1,500 words.

We accept writing, pictorial, visual and podcast contents.

Please note: we do not publish articles that are tainted with hate, violence and condemnation.

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