Asalam alaikum guys! I know it’s been like forever on here, so many have noticed that we have not been publishing on our blog for a while now. However, if you are following us on Instagram and Twitter, you will be aware that we stayed active on those platforms. ToContinue Reading

2019 is Goals… Are you about to correct the grammar of the title? Correct me not! I said what I said. Yes, 2019 is about goals… and keeping them. As every new year comes, we all tend to make pen out goals, but as we all know setting goals areContinue Reading

Editor’s Note: Mentorship A Muslimah should love success and aspire to have a successful career. After all, lots of women (female sahabahs) that surrounded Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were very successful in lots of their endeavors be it the home front, business, academics or even war. It is often our thoughtsContinue Reading

As a MUSLIMAH, what defines who you are? Do you stand out? Or do you blend with the crowd? What do you do that makes you that exceptional woman? Do you ponder and wonder about what it means to be a Muslimah? Yes, it is important you know who youContinue Reading