CV: Tips for Writing A Convincing one

Writing a convincing CV is not a hard thing and because CV are passports to employment, it is one of the inevitable passes to getting an interview invite. Like you know, CV function to serve the purpose of gauging how candidates potentially fits into open roles in an organization. Needless to say, CV can not be over-emphasized and this is the reason why you should put in deliberate effort to it. However many potential candidates fall into the pitfall of failing to convince recruiters, with so many loopholes in their CV.

Here are 5 tips for writing a convincing CV that will stand you out and entice the hiring personnel to call you in for an interview.

  1. Be Consistent and Factual: This means that all aspects of your CV must be facts. For example you cant be born in 2004 and have a B.Sc certificate in 2019. Like what? In Nigeria? No, that isn’t possible here yet. So, be sure to check, cross check and recheck your data and claims. This also includes your dates of employment. If you are not sure of specific dates of your past engagement, its better to use months or even years so as to be on the safer side. Do not lie or exaggerate your skills, CV or job application. Be able to stand behind every claim. Check and proofread to ensure there are no discrepancies in your CV application because it will definitely show you to be dishonest to a potential employer and may also come with serious consequences too.
  2. Follow job descriptions: Writing a convincing CV also has to do with you researching and following the job details as described and tweaking your previous job experiences along the specifications for the role you are applying for. Use bullet points to illustrate and emphasize the exact skills and expertise they require in the description. Remember to be specific. If they want customer service experience, specify how many customers you have dealt with, the responsibilities you had, and the successful engagements you had.h
  3. Be descriptive: Make use of a dictionary to be as descriptive as possible. This is because a resume can turn repetitive very quickly. Aside this, descriptive words tend to have more impact and transform words into exciting and active ones. Use words like innovative, secured, implemented, adaptable, etc to emphasize your capability, and avoid commonly used words like team player, self starter, quick to learn etc. Also, learn the language of the industry or role you are seeking employment into and use it to judiciously describe your past experience.
  4. Use Measurable metrics: Concisely highlight measures and metrics specific to you and the roles you have previously held. For example; “I implemented digital media classes across different 36 secondary schools within the country and provided an additional support of 100 laptops to 10 local libraries, in partnership with Zinox computers in a record time frame of 7 months.” Just look at that. Convince the recruiter with measurable data. Remember you are allowed to show off what you can do.
  5. Highlight your growth. Your CV is to boast your skills and tell the recruiter that you fit into a role. Show off events, roles, voluntary works and other accomplishments you have achieved between times. Likewise include all free and freelancing works you have done in the past because just because you were not paid while building your skills does not make it less important or real, especially if you are just starting out in the job realm. This will let the recruiter learn a lot about your commitment to grow, learn and expand your skill set.

Now, take a look at your CV again. Does it sound convincing enough for you to hire yourself? To get you an interview? Or to get you the job? A convincing CV that will get you that job!

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