World Hijab Day is More Than The Scarf

For the first time in months, I pick up my pen, or should I say my phone, and write, like truly write something worthwhile; and I wouldn’t have done it for anyone other than you my sisters, my immediate community. I cherish the bearers of Islam that much, most especially Its women.

As you may or may not know, it’s another 1st of February, another designated World Hijab Day. While we celebrate our identity as Muslimahs everyday, today we give particular credence to the use of hijab. We let the world in on what truly makes us observe hijab and how’s much it means to us .

But as Muslimahs, we should ask ourselves, do we truly celebrate each other or just the piece of clothing? Let’s celebrate, encourage and support one another more.

Namza khan, the brain behind World Hijab Day

Make efforts to be there for your Muslim sisters whether she observes the hijab or not including the ones who once did and do not anymore. Say ALHAMDULLILAH first, before asking a whole lot of questions. They are still Muslims and all Muslims deserve your love and respect.

There can be unity in our diversity if only we allow it

When you love and look up to or after a Muslimah, do that for the sake of Allah and for who they are and not just for the scarf on their head alone. They represent Islam quite alright but they also represent themselves as individuals too.

To you reading this, have you ever asked yourself why you wear the hijab or why you don’t? Does observing the hijab for you truly comes from a place of worship and love to obey Allah’s commandment only or from a place of fear of what your family and friends would do to you if you weren’t? Or do you just use the hijab because you just didn’t want to be the odd one out?

Find out why you do what you do, if it does come from striving towards Allah, stay at peace with yourself and don’t let anybody tell you or make you feel that you are not covered by the fold of Islam. We are all strivers for the grace and blessings of Allah and He knows best.
Happy World Hijab Day!

I love
Just to do
Allah’s will in
Best possible way!
Diamonds and veils
All testify to Allah’s glory
You, yes you, are God’s creation!

What does hijab represent to you?