While students might have a reputation for being poor, there are quick ways for you to make a few bob with as little effort as possible.Okay, so they might not net you millions straightaway but at least they will keep you rolling in Coke money. What’s more, there are even ways you can make money from the comfort of your home.

So here are 12 ways to make money as a student that you may not know about. However, some of these jobs have requires certain skill level and have to be done professionallyl.

1.Content Writing: Content writing is skillbased; for people who are good in writing. As a content writer, you earn money by creating contents like blogposts, social media posts, captions, newsletters, memes, and sometimes, physical publications. Content articles are basically to educate, engage, and improve the credibility and visibility of on their websites, publications, and even social media pages. It can also tran

2. Virtual assistance: This has to do with helping busy professionals and business owners to carry out specific tasks on a computer. It is a job in the service of technical support. It requires intelligence, responsibility, and ability to perform technical support tasks. It is basically These tasks can include data entry, customer service, social media management, research, and even website maintenances.

3. Graphic design: This job entails design like its name. It is skill-based and about creating branded products for business owners. It is also currently one of the topmost skill demands today. These branded products include working on logo, websites, banners, posters, animations, etc. It is a service that helps companies to improve and promote their image in the market. Softwarea that are usually used are PhotoShop and Corel Draw. So, if you are interested, you’ve got to learn it.

4. PowerPoint Designing: Powerpoint is no doubt, essential to everyone; be it a student or business. You will be very surprised to know that PowerPoint presentations are still popular. People use them during business events, tutoring courses, product presentations, and YouTube videos. Furthermore, making a presentation doesn’t require special skills. All you have to is to master certain softwares. As a student, you can help your colleagues do this job and get paid.

5. Sales representative. This job requires employees who will be in charge of providing customers with information and communication technology services. This job usually requires you to do negotiations, mass mailing, sell company products, make calls to customers, analyze data, among others. With online being the bane today, businesses are beginning to transfer this job online too. So, find one, if you are good with convincing people to buy products.

6. Online/Offline selling: Another way to make money is to sell things, particularly if you stay in the school hostel, or student areas off-campus. To start with, you have to define the kind of products you want to sell. You can even begin with selling off some of your stuffs you do not need anymore. If you don’t have anything to sell, you can start drop shopping. Just ensure you get products, students are willing to part money for. If you think that would be stressful carying stuffs around, online selling will save you that stress, but you will have to work to earn people’s trust.

7. Surveys: Another opportunity to work and get paid is to fill out surveys and forms on certain topics. Many companies seek consumer/user’s opinions, on their products and so, it is a great way to earn money. All you have to do is to register on certain websites, fill out your profile and select subjects you are interested in. However, I must warn that this is quite a difficult task in Nigeria, as most of them pay in airtime, rather than with money. Sometimes, some are even scams, entirely. Just make sure you check reviews for the services you’re using to make sure they pay out and in a timely manner. I do know of SurveySavvy and PalmResearch,

8. Online/Offline Tutoring: Tutoring has long been a job done by students. If you are knowledgeable in certain subjects, you can get paid teaching your colleagues or children after school hours. You can also be a part-time tutor in schools and learning centers, The demand for tutors is always there and even if you do not have the time to do physical classes, you can still work as an online tutor, as some people nowadays do not have time to search and take courses physically.

9. Create and sell learning materials: Like no 8 above, if you’re knowledgeable in a certain area, and you do not have the time and patience for teaching, you can create and sell products or learning materials, like eBooks or videos, online courses. It may take a lot of work to create and market your products, but once you have got it running, you can just sit back and collect the proceeds.

10. Sell your pictures: If you have a smartphone and a photographic eye, you can sell your quality pictures on some websites like Canva. I recently read about Foap, which lets you turn your smartphone photos into cash. This helps you earn money while having your fun, and even when you are sleeping. Check out those websites.. A warning here is to not upload someone else’s picture as yours!

11.Product Photography: This is also similar to no 9. However, product photography is about taking product pictures creatively. This is because product photos essentially show the characteristics of a product. This has become necessary because the digital world of today, speaks volume about product appearances, and so, business owners are looking for people that can potray their products well. Do you know that some people even use their phones for this? So, if you have got a good photography skill, what are you waiting for? Check out the #productphotography on Instagram, you will understand this better.

12. Help other students with odd jobs: Odd jobs are an awesome way to earn extra money without committing to a fixed schedule. You can ask your friends if they need help with errands, like dry cleaning services, grocery/market errands, and other things.

13. Teach a language: Another way to earn money is to teach a language, if you’re pretty good at a local or foreign language. There are even some people looking to brush up their English too. Asides that, you can work as a language translator, and even as a tourist guide in your area. Any way you choose, you will definitely be earning money.

Sincerely, there are many many ways to make money legitimately. However, it requires patience, because everything takes time.

One of the most important thing is giving value.

Once people see that you are not just doing a job, but giving them value for their money, trust me,you will continue to get more than enough jobs. I have also deliberately written in some of these jobs that can be done from the comfort of your room and phone.

This is because I understand that as students, we require flexibility. The list also contains skill-based jobs but if you have got no skill and not ready to learn, number 6 is your best bet. Think about what you will enjoy selling. So, there you have it, Tell me what you think about the list in the comment section and if you require more information or you got questions, do not hesitate to ask or send me a message! We are always here for you!


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