Asalam alaikum guys! I know it’s been like forever on here, so many have noticed that we have not been publishing on our blog for a while now. However, if you are following us on Instagram and Twitter, you will be aware that we stayed active on those platforms.

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The long break we took was both forced and enforced. At first, we encountered problems with our web hosting services which took us weeks to fix and after then came several other technical problems which was faced; all these held us down up till this moment.

During this period came Ramadan, and it didn’t just go by for us like that without impacting our readers even if we couldn’t publish blog posts. We had a 30-day 30 topic challenge, which to the glory of Allah was a success. During Ramadan also, our team covered a very impactful and empowering charity initiative in Nigeria – the Eid Yard Sale for the year 2019! As the name implies, the aim of the Eid Yard Sale was to cloth everyone for Eid through providing good and affordable clothing for people to purchase at the lowest of costs you can think of: between ₦500 naira and not more than ₦1000 naira, all in all nothing more than 3 dollars.

The event was successfully covered by our team, if you would love to see for yourself and catch up, click here. Don’t forget to always get across to us for your events coverage.

The Proud Muslimah Magazine is growing and we have to ensure we give you our reader, our consumers and dearest Muslimahs the best of everything. In this regard, I would love to inform you that we are now accepting articles/contents from anyone interested in contributing to our magazine as a way of telling their own stories and us promoting Muslimahs. So, if you have always wanted to write or contribute to our blog, you can now do so. Just click here for more info.

Also, if your interest lies in being part of our team as a content contributor or more, we are always opened to have you on board, all you have to do is send an email to theproudmuslimahmag@gmail.com with the subject matter as “JOIN TEAM PMM” and state your position of interest and how you wish to help us.

Thank you so much guys, we are happy to be back and we are ready to keep you glued to us. Our newsletter is also back, and we have a lot of exclusive beneficial contents to share with our subscribers, so if you haven’t subscribed to our mailing list now is the time to do so. All you have to do is visit our home page, scroll down and subscribe!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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