What Customers Are Looking For, To Patronize Your Business this 2019

The success of any business is largely dependent on customers. Hence, the popular statement of “customer is always right,” in order to always make them come back for products and services. This is because customers are the lifeline of any business and without them, businesses essentially fail.
Therefore, the need to always focus contents, products, and strategies on customers’ needs. Every of their complaint is important to be looked into, especially in today’s digital world in which local issues can turn global within the space of minutes.
In this post, I bring to you emerging trends customers will be looking for, before patronizing your business this year.

  1. Digitalization: Every serious business owner today must have an online presence, even if all your activities and products are offline. There is absolutely no-one who doesn’t google to find stuffs today. Digital transformation is here to stay because it works. It is the new business norm, because before customers patronize you today, they want to see your past works, services, and products without bothering or even letting you know, prior to purchase. Customers expect the ability to connect with companies online. So, even if you do not have the financial capability for a website or blog yet, you should have a social media page.
  2. Quality & Engaging content: Customers look for businesses that will not only push their products and services to them, but also contents that will educate and engage them. Asides this, they are also seeking distractions from everyday stress. Businesses can jump into this through user-generated content, which continues to be a popular social media trend, even in 2019. For example, you can encourage your followers and customers to take a pic of themselves using your product and tag it with a chosen hashtag on social media. You can challenge them to certain activities, and share the outcome with a unique hashtag, with a little incentive for the winner or best. You can also do a behind-the-scene video of your team members in action and other fun moments at events. All this will in turn build trust and credibility with your brand.
  3. Business Omnipresence: This simply refers to the accessibility of brand/business services across devices. As the connectivity experience becomes more refined, customer expectations will rise in response, and create a demand for higher-quality user experience (UX) innovation. In 2019, customers want to be able to access content and services seamlessly across all devices.If your website is all nice on desktop computers, optumize it also for mobile phones and tablets. More often than not, people are chased off websites when they visit and see pages not aligning and looking all terrible. In all, let your services be well articulated on all devices.
  4. Chatbots for quick response: Ever come across a website or even social media pages that gives you automatic welcome and even directs you to certain articles, pages, and products? Yes! these are bots and are automated robots, made by software companies, and used across online platforms to automate business presence. So, more business will engage in the use of chatbots and AI for more first-line interactions, like form automations or checking basic info before a query gets passed on to a customer service representative. This will also allow you and your workers dedicate more time to the unique human tasks, like creativity, strategy, innovation, problem solving, customer connection.
    All in all, businesses that want to be able to compete in the world today must be ready to adopt the new changes of technology and digitization, as they evolve. Follow up industry news. Be at alert. Stalk your competitors and see what they are doing differently.

I hope you learnt one or two tips from this piece. If you did leave a comment below, and if you have one or two tips to be included please do so, let’s learn together.

Xoxo 😍

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