Skills You Should Possess to Achieve Your Career Goal

As the world continue to evolve around new technology and media, it becomes important for everyone, be it a business owner, employer, employee, or even a job seeker to continue to build on their skills. This is necessary in order to meet up with the realities of the new digital age.
Skills are evolving; from the traditional way to the modern digital way. In order not to be left behind, here are some important skills you should possess, in no particular order, to achieve your career goals.

1- Planning and goal setting: Goal planning skills is one of the most underrated and least thought about skills. Planning and setting goals allows you to have a forecast of the goals and activities you should spend your time on, and according to their importance. This allows you to practically achieve multiple goals simultaneously, without being too overwhelmed. Start by making a list of all your objectives and getting inputs from your peers and mentors, then sort those goals into categories by urgency. Goal setting is basically the ability to set specific goals, determine a timeline, and lay out a detailed plan of action.

2 – Communication Skills: There is no doubt about the importance of speaking and writing well. It goes beyond a particular year. It is an all-time necessity or how would you be able to tell people about what you do and how you do it? Communication skills is not only about speaking correctly, it encompasses the ability to say the right thing to the right person, and at the right time. Even Nkiru Olumide-Ojo, the author of The Pressure Cooker emphasizes it in her book.

3- Social Media Skills: Social media continues to be a popular way to communicate with others digitally, as new platforms disrupt the market. With social media, local mistakes can lead to global outrages, requiring people who can manage difficult situations. Asides this, social media skills enables you to be able to communicate effectively with clients online as well equip you with the whats and what nots of social media usage. Therefore, acquiring digital media skills will set you up for any future eventualities.

4 -Design skills: As a sizeable part of the world has and is still transitioning digitally, there is need for people who can foster that transition. Therefore, basic design skills is a key ingredient that is required to master a job role in today’s business environments. Design skills equip you with basic understanding of layout, colours, and the like. This is what many social media platforms thrives on, and its like the popular saying of “first impression matters. Aside this, a basic design knowledge will enable you, as a business owner, to be able to contribute to design materials like posters, adverts for your company. Even adding skills like Adobe Photoshop, Design Thinking and Graphic Designing, on your CV will truly set you apart, as a job seeker too.

5- Creative thinking skills: This refers to the ability to bring about creative solutions. The many new career paths are levelled on creativity, which requires creative thinking to bring about creative solutions. To get ahead in your career, you must be able to think beyond the surface.It is about thinking out of the box.

6- Presentation skills: This is the ability to communicate in a clear, concise and concrete way. It helps to deliver information effectively, with impact, and credibility. Effective presentation skills are necessary in order to keep a presentation interesting, help the presenter communicate effectively and with confidence, as well as help motivate the audience to understand the information being passed across.

7- Microsoft Office Skills: MS Office Suite is used by 80% of companies worldwide, and I doubt if there is no one who doesn’t know how important this is. MS applications includes Excel for spreadsheets, Outlook for email, Powerpoint for visual presentations, and Word for desktop publishing, among others. They are simple and productive to use.

8- Influencing and Negotiating skills: Every organisation is dependent on the online media for survival today, but the new wave are the influencers. These are the daily breed of social media users, with strong client base, who can help direct attention and sales to a business. Negotiation is used across departments to get the maximum value out of every task and investment. The key is to listen to all points of view and reach an agreement that equally satisfies all the parties involved.

9- Analytical skills: Analytical skills entails the ability to analyse and measure data. It is very essential in order to understand the success of a business. Analytical skills are one of the most sought after skills of today because it enables you solve problems and make accurate decisions. This means that efficient analysis allows businesses to understand whether they are running at a loss or profit, understand your target audience better, as well define products that suit them through data collection and analysis. Analytical tools like Google Analytics and R Programming are important for job seekers to learn, understand and showcase.

All in all, everything eventually boils down to consistent development. That is, you have to constantly be on the run to update your existing skills and imbibe new skills. Stay ahead by subscribing to industry news, productive and development blogs, and attending events in your niche.

Don’t be found lagging and you will find yourself high on the career ladder.

Zaynab Mohammed

I hope you have learnt something new and picked out the skills you have and the ones you don’t, so you can start working on them.

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