2019 is Goals

2019 is Goals…

Are you about to correct the grammar of the title? Correct me not! I said what I said. Yes, 2019 is about goals… and keeping them.

As every new year comes, we all tend to make pen out goals, but as we all know setting goals are important, achieving them are “importanter” or more important if you prefer.

We encourage you to not frizzle out on your determination to make it, or make more, in just the first weeks of the year.

This year, insha Allah, is going to be several Muslimahs’ success year and it could be yours too but if only you persevere.

At PMM we encourage us all to ensure to do somethings: this world is a fast paced one moving at neck-breaking speeds, so it’s easy to feel left behind or dizzy.

Let’s ensure our mental health is kept topnotch so we do not slip into depression or continue in it

Let’s learn to make our opportunities or grab them when they come, do not sit back and hope for a magic wand. One of the things we’d recommend is to get extra life courses or trainings to augment our present qualifications.
“Get equipped for success”

Let’s decide on the more important things in our lives, have fun and plenty of it responsibly.

Get engaged in communal or political interests as more women are joining hands to ensure that lives are better for females and hence for our sons and daughters too; most importantly, we must put Allah and our deen prominent throughout the year.

Man proposes but God deposes, so Insha Allah, here are some of the things we are fired up to do at The Proud Muslimah Magazine:

Firstly, as Editor-in-chief, I personally have decided to take online journalism courses, upon graduation with my law degree and before law school, so that I can improve on the modus operandi of reportage on our growing magazine.

Also, PMM is planning to become a powerhouse magazine that influences and shapes the narrative for Muslim women worldwide and thus we shall actively look out for investors and media collaborators actively this year.

We encourage you to come help make this a reality by your voluntary contributions, connections or patronage.

The Proud Muslimah Magazine ultimate goal this year is to continue to grow, support and encourage Muslimahs in their lives and lifestyle, also to bring true adoration of Islam by the world. May the Almighty grant us this goal and many more.

So are you fired up to accomplish goals this year? The time to start has started, the time to endure is now, the time to sustain the tempo is tomorrow, the time for our success is this here.

Yes, 2019 is a Goal!


  1. Khairah Adedotun

    Ma sha Allah.
    Such encouraging words! May Allah make it easy for us to achieve our 2019 goals. Ameen. Also, I am so honoured to be part of this wonderful community and I’m so excited to watch PMM grow! Jazakillahu khayr sis

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