It is that time of the year, harmattan has slowly creept in when the happiness of another 365days coming to an end is in the air, another holiday is here yaay!!! Though the weather feels hot, dry and dusty, the mornings will get colder and the air will get dryer. Harmattan is a bipolar season – it is extremely cold in the early hours of the day and extremely hot once the sun is out. For this reason, our mode of dressing should be adjusted to fit in so it doesn’t stop us from our daily activities and slaying as well (as we can’t stop it from doing its own too). Here are some tips to protect ourselves from the harsh harmattan season.
Long sleeve shirts/ Dresses.

Long-sleeved shirt

Long sleeve clothes are best advised. They never go out of fashion. They are many luring ways to style a long shirt. A shirt could be paired this with a skirt, pants, jeans or even a dress to protect yourself from the chilly morning and the dry weather. You can wear a tank top inside the shirt and leave the buttons open. You can also tuck your tank top inside for a better look.


The denim shirt also called a chambray shirt (for the fabric it’s made from) is a fashionable wardrobe staple that belongs in every modern woman’s wardrobe. 

Denim is thick and warm and it is appropriate for the chilly mornings. Pair this with shirts and covered shoes or a dress of course doesn’t sound bad. In this fashion pictorial, we show you how to match this closet essential with your other separates, from jeans to skirts and dresses, to create looks that work for casual weekends, the office, date nights, and dressy events.

Denim corporate look


Classic blazers

Think of classic blazer, one of the most versatile closet staples best even for summer, with many ways to wear it in almost any environment. The best thing about blazers is that they have the ability to instantly change the tone of your outfit to perfectly suit the situation. It depends on the style of the blazer, and what you’re wearing with it. Blazers are appropriate for work and play. During the harmattan season they are comfortable and protective against the chilly and dry weather. They are suitable when paired with a dress, top, pants and shirt. They fit just about anything. Pair the outfits with any footwear you want, boots, heels, flats or sandals.

blazer, trouser and boots


For those of you who don’t already know what a sweatshirt is, it is the solution to sweaty workouts that leave you feeling drenched and damp throughout! How many clothes with these exact qualities of keeping you sweat free and warm, do we know of? Not many. Before you get too comfy with the usual routine of throwing on a hoodie, your favourite pair of jeans, and some sneakers every day, however, here are a few ideas for how to wear a sweatshirt this harmattan that you may not have tried yet. When in doubt, about what is a sweatshirt, remember that a sweatshirt outfit can serve  as your best casual ensemble even during summers. See below how can you pull it off in this weather!


Shades or sunglasses as others might call it is a must get for everyone, to protect your eyes from dust, because, dust can arise to eye problem or red eye.. You can prevent sand particles from getting into your eyes if you wear your shades always.

Dark skinny 90s shades

That’s all guys, I hoped you enjoyed and learnt new styling tricks.

Happy holidays everyone! 😘


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