With the end of 2018 approaching so fast, here is a fashion recap and style tips from modest fashion bloggers you should rock before the end of 2018. To reduce confusion and for clarity of styles, I picked 5 modest bloggers whose 10 styles are topnotch for the year of 2018.
So let’s explore these styles and looks

For Corporate Look

@itsmaryamsalam is giving us the wide leg pallozo pants and jacket, with pairs of matching heels and sling bag. This style gives you a unique and the boss lady look. The outfit with a blend of two colours is simple and stylish. If you haven’t tried out this look to work or a formal function, you should right away.

@thesanniidayat in this picture below is oozing corporate with style.

Black Trousers and Polka dots shirt do not really seem a big deal right? But matching it up with a hip length blazer/jacket of a soft colour like baby pink really brought out the beauty of this outfit, and not to forget crowning this look with a beautiful black hat and a low heel shoe pops fashion and style. With this outfit you are allowed two styles one without the hat and the other with the hat. Ta da! I am definitely stealing this style before the end of the year.

For Jumpsuit Ideas
Jumpsuit has been all over this year. It’s free, bold and stylish. However for extra jumpsuit ideas you are in the right place.

The Polka-dot jumpsuit it can come in multiple colours or just two colours. I have seen both and they are truly beautiful. I agree with @hafymo in this polka-dot jumpsuit.

She looks wonderful and ready to take on anything. Polka dots are never choosy, they pick everyone!

Bold colour jumpsuit

Go try out a jumpsuit in a bold single color all through. It gives me the thrills when I see Muslimahs in bold colours. For me it signifies confidence and independence. Matching such color up with a jumpsuit just leaves the right stamp on you. Before the end of 2018, get yourself that jumpsuit in a bold color. For me, I love yellow and I’m definitely treating myself to one before the year ends.

Skirt Inspiration
I actually didn’t see many skirt inspiration this year but these two I saw gave me more than what I expected.

A bold colourful patterned A symmentric skirt is not only very modest. If you want to feel like Cinderella in a skirt, this is it! Matched up with a long-sleeve shirt and kimono placed on your shoulder. @iamleemah really pulled it off in this. Go for dates and meet with the girls in this style.

Champagne gold cinderella skirt @idayatsanni style here got me going over the look again and again and I still haven’t got enough. From the color to the style of the skirt, and then the printed matching chiffon top with the gold shoes and purse. This style is really great for occassions like weddings, parties and other celebration you could think of including EID!

For dress style,

this flowery red dress styled by Ameenaabdul is perfect. Flowery dress have been in vogue and they keep coming back in different styles and prints. Get yourself a flowery dress like this. All the colors you might need are just in one dress.

The metallic dress

Metallic dresses has been a thing we’ve seen it on celebrities on the red carpet but most of the time not modest enough for muslimahs. Catching a glimpse of this style on @ameenaabdul had to make this list of top blogger styles, wouldn’t you agree. This style just speaks for itself.

For Casual and Chic
If you haven’t tried out pallozo pants, sweat shirt and sneakers this year, you are really missing.

I love the style, I love the fun and chic look it oozes. @itsmaryamsalam nailed it.

Jeans and Blazers
Jean trousers will forever reign but what other look can you achieve apart from the usual ones we are used to? Wear your jeans trousers with a blazer, preferably a stripped one. Dope is an understatement.

How3ever @reemahowell killed this look with the leather knuckle-length black boots. I must say magnificent!

That would be all guys. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to comment below and get social with us on Twitter and Instagram.

Ma salaam!


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