Thanks for joining us on another post on hijabtitude. Remember your attitude is your hijab and your hijab is your attitude

Adore the Hijab – It Adorns You

It is true the Hijab adorns you. It makes you different, it makes you special, it makes you stand out. However do you ask yourself, is my relationship with my Hijab a mutual symbiosis? Do I adorn my hijab? Do I make the hijab a different, special, unique garment? Do people see me, and show appreciation for the hijab by my attitude.

In a multi-cultural world, it is not easy to dress differently; a lot of people do not understand why you choose modest dressing in times when women exhibit their freedom of choice and expression by dressing scantily. You have chosen to ignore the peer pressure, you have chosen to sacrifice your dressing to fit that of the ruling of Islam, and you have made a choice I not only believe is a good one but the right one.

However, you need to take it a notch up. If you wear the hijab and your attitude and acts do not portray a good person or a good Muslim to both people close to you and strangers who see you in a glance then your choice of dressing becomes perfunctory, an empty act of religious piety. Let people see that your dressing is a symbolism of your person. Do not let your dressing just tell character but rather let it compliment it. Let it be what people give. Let what people give you compliments for.

While we understand that there are persons who would choose to react negatively to you irrespective of your good qualities just because your dress and worship is different. It is imperative for you still to make good impression of yourself through what is seen on you and what is seen of you.

Adore your hijab. Yes love it. It is a part of your unique qualities that tells a lot about your Deen. You hijab magnifies you. Stay big by magnifying it too.

Adore what adorns you. Don’t just wear the hijab, don’t just be a hijabi, be a good Muslimah.

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