(The Muslimahs little black dress)

The color black originally has been a color that signifies darkness and unhappiness but not anymore! And definitely not for muslimahs. From the sisters who love to wear black down to those who do occasionally.

A black dress is an outfit a muslimah should possess in her wardrobe. Black dresses not only give you a subtle, cool look. It’s the easiest thing to put on when you just can’t find the perfect outfit and it definitely will make you look perfect. So in this post let’s find out how you can create the perfect look with black dresses without stress! Let’s go


I called this all black queen because truly putting on all black makes you a queen without even trying to be one. As much as dressing in all black is relative, it’s one of those things I enjoy doing. Not only is it less stressful to start thinking of what matches what. I can enter anywhere dressed in all black and still make statement. So how do you make statement while dressed in all black- accessories is the answer I tell you.

Add a little accessories here and there and you look glam already. Your accessories might come with the clothing such as stones, beads feathers or tassels name it. So if you are planning on playing the all black queen role you could consider getting one with already embedded accessories, its less easy to avoid looking too simple and always prettier.

However if your dress is just a plain black dress, don’t worry yourself much. Extra accessories like metal belts, a statement neckpiece, earrings, a nice shining shoe or bag will do the trick or a pearled/stoned scarf would be a perfect extra touch to your plain dress.



Here, what do I mean by a pop of color, if you are a lover of color or you just don’t like wearing all black or you don’t want people asking if you are a little bit under the weather for wearing all black – a pop of color might just be all you need. This is a touch of a particular color, any color as an additional color to your black dress. It might be gold, purple, brown, red, white and so on depending on what you love. Your pop of color could some with your dress. Just as @sowdapop black dress reveals in the picture below, the hem of the cape and hands are taped in gold which is a really nice touch of gold to such a suede black dress. Unique and elegant won’t you say?

A pop of color could be an accessory like shoe; bag, earrings and it could also come as a hijab or head scarf. For instance, the picture below showing Fatimah Momoh founder @muslimahstyleguide doing just that. She is putting on an all-black dress, a black sling bag and a pop of purple colored slippers so simple and dope.

The don’ts of this way of styling is to make sure your pop of color are not more than one color except when they are in the same color category and closer in shades, because doing so would be creating another different look from “a pop of color”
A pop of color here or there hurts no one!


A splash of colors allows you to have more or several colors added to your black dress creating a colorful coordinated outfit. So how do you create this look? Creating this look might seem hard but not very. Choose a very colorful scarf or jacket no matter the rainbow of color on it, your black dress will always agree with them because its black!
An instance of this can be seen in the picture below from @muslimahstyleguide.

In this outfit, model is wearing a black dress and a colorful jacket which has nothing less than four colors on it and a green small purse which coordinates with one of the colors on the jacket, totally stylish! Your jacket could also be printed.


Do you own a striped long sleeved shirt or a polka dot one? If you do you are in luck of a new style for it. To create the striped shirt look just wear your stripped or polka dot shirt on your black dress, get a thin belt or sash and tie it on your shirt midriff or below the bust depending on your prefer look and tadda.

People will keep guessing how you came about this style. Using this style, you can wear your black dress twice without anybody noticing you have done so! This style gives you a corporate and stylish look because of the striped shirt and the belt/sash around the waist.


That name might sound somehow but when I tell you what it’s all about you will agree. Sleeveless black dresses are cool but not very cool for most muslimahs right? So if you own one and can’t find how to wear it apart from with a jacket and still look dope. “Cute to my inner” (laughs) got you covered. Get a white shirt with buttoned cuffs and wear it as an inner, even a polka dot shirt would do and trust me you are cute enough to go to work, meet up with friends or ANYWHERE else. With this look you will be the best dressed person in the room, anywhere.

Little black dresses have always been said to be part of a woman’s closet contents. We hoped you enjoyed how to style your not so “little” dresses as muslimahs. Stayed tune.

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As salam alaykum fashion queens.


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