Editor’s Note: Mentorship

A Muslimah should love success and aspire to have a successful career. After all, lots of women (female sahabahs) that surrounded Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were very successful in lots of their endeavors be it the home front, business, academics or even war.

It is often our thoughts and desire that we climb the ladder on our own or by ourselves, so that when success knocks we can tell the world “I did it on my own.”

As much as there’s nothing wrong with trying to do it all by yourself, I will recommend that whatever you wish to make a success of, you should have someone or persons helping you along the way. This person(s) can either be a partner, a groomer, an advisor, or a coach. A mentor is often needed in most cases of success.

Mentorship is the best and easiest way to go up the success ladder. Find someone that’s the best in the area or career you want and let them guide and encourage your steps.

I encourage Muslimahs today to find mentors in their areas of expertise (preferably of the same sex to avoid unwanted sexual attraction or harassment. If there are few women in your field, ensure the male mentor you choose is responsible and respects you). You need exposure to succeed, we all need the exposure to succeed.

Having a mentor grooms you for what’s to come on the road towards success. A mentor guides you to manage the ups and downs on the rollercoaster that eventually leads to success.

Let someone who knows better hold your hand on your way there. Get a mentor today!

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