My Crown

You must think we would be discussing hijab, right? But no we are not, this is about your inner crown – your hair.

What is the status of your hair right now dear sister?
Are you frustrated with it? Indifferent? Do you even care and take care of it at all?

This section is aimed at re-orientating Muslimahs about the need to take good care of their hair even though most times it’s covered.
Oftentimes I hear female friends pass comment like “Wow you really have nice hair but you are always covering it. I didn’t think you took so much care of it.”
But I’ve also heard people say “If you see those hijabies’ hair, you will run! It is always so dirty and smelly, in fact it’s often half loosen and flaky.”

Please dear sisters, take good care of your hair not just so you dont have to hear such comments but because it’s also part of your personal hygiene. Keep in mind that while your hair is not for the world to see, you should take care of it not only for yourself but also so you can have a good aura about you. Also remember that habits die hard, if you dont learn to take care of your hair as a single lady, you may end up making yourself less attractive to your hubby when you get married.
And if you belong to this category it’s not too late to change because trust me having an unkempt hair makes you seem dirty and far from classy especially when you have to remove your hijab.

With “my crown” whether you are frustrated with your hair or you are indifferent or you really want to get serious about your hair, we have you covered. It doesn’t matter your hair type, natural, relaxed or in-between.
Since this is our first publication about hair, I am going to be tell us some useful tips about the kind of hair you keep or you can keep.

First is Natural Hair

Natural hair is hair whose texture has not been altered by chemical straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers. It is just your hair been in the state that you were born with or since you last cut it. Today natural hair amongst Africans has been quite on the trend. People now see beauty in their hair been natural and not relaxed. However, keeping and growing a natural hair as beautiful as it might look, is quite tasking and require a lot of patience. It is however worth the pain!

5 important tips when keeping a natural Hair

Your hair is growing. It grows everyday, you just have to maintain the growth and keep it from breaking. You only think your hair is not growing because it breaks at the same rate it grows.

Moisturize a lot with water and oil, natural hair thrives on water it becomes softer and easier to manipulate while the oil makes it shine and keeps it moisturized and thus reduce breakage. Dry natural hair is often very difficult to comb and style and it also increase breakage. Moisturize daily.

Keep your hair clean, wash your hair twice in a month or once in a month condition and deep condition on wash days. Dont leave your hair dirty and smelly.

Too much manipulation breaks your hair, combing today, tomorrow especially with thin-tooth combs. When trying to comb your hair using your fingers is the best to loosen the knots or using a wide tooth combs. They go through your hair easier and does not have you plucking your hair out from the root as the thin mouth does.

Try this tips out and thank me later

Second is a Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair is hair whose texture has already being altered by chemical straighteners. Chemically relaxing your hair is more recently the order of the day. I know people who would always relax their hair because they just can’t cope with it being naturally kinky.

However relaxed hair get weakened and later on start thinning out if it is not properly taking care of. For me I feel relaxed hair require much more maintenance than natural hair.

However, some people try to mitigate the harshness of the chemicals in the relaxer they use by mixing natural oils with it, such as coconut oil. They also do not allow the relaxer to sit for long on their hair during application before washing it out. At the same time they also do follow-up treatment like deep conditioning and the rest so they come out looking straightened at the same time natural.

Tips for Relaxed Hair

Dont relax your hair too often, you only damage it the more. Relaxing your hair every month is dangerous. Stretch your relaxing. Stretching is when you wait a longer period of time between your touch-ups. Touch-ups are recommended every six to eight weeks. Anything longer than your normal routine would be considered a stretch.

Stay away from too much chemical treatments, any other treatment you give your hair should be natural. Deep condition your hair regularly, eggs are very good for deep conditioning treatment, they contain a lot of proteins that repair the damages the chemicals caused to you hair and boost the growth and strength of your hair. Try this at least three to four times a month and experience change.

Apply leave-in conditioner and natural oils to your hair while it is damp.

Try washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo.

Hope you are ready to go on a healthy hair journey with us.

Stay tuned for more of our first-hand information about taking care of your hair and making it grow. Stay beautiful.


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