• Developing oneself is a requisite for achieving success and climbing the success ladder. Therefore, as a Muslimah, you are enjoined to achieve a greater height in life. This write-up is aimed towards you learning some tips for self-improvement and how to focus on achieving them. These requirements are the most important ingredients on your road to success.

You have always heard the clause know thy self. You might have however not known how important knowing yourself can determine your future and the success you want for it. Lets go practical, when trying to know yourself there are certain things you need to look out for, your habits for instance, your attitude and your reaction. Knowing your habits is a great asset to knowing what you want in life which includes finding your passion and of course your purpose. You must be able to determine the things you love, like, dislike and detest. If you dont like writing dont let anybody deceive you writing is your calling unless you develop a taste for it.

*Your attitude: do you take things seriously? Are you time conscious? Do you pay attention to details? Trust me if your answer is a no dont even think of taking up a job as a personal assistance or a Secretary.

*Your reaction: how well can you manage crisis? Can you keep your head clear during emergency period? Can you multi task? Are you a one man on the go person? Which means you are someone who is better when working alone and not with others. These questions and a whole lot more need answers from you about yourself.
It is highly important to get into the business of knowing yourself, your capacity and capability and the things you are at a disadvantage at. When you know yourself and what you want from life. Then you can stop beating about the bush and stop fighting a lost battle.
So many times have seen people dipping their hands and heads into stuffs they would never get any better at or from for many years to come. Don’t get me wrong, hard work often pays at last only when you are unto something that is you are passionate about to begin with.
If you don’t have an eye for details and all things fashion why do you think you foray into fashion styling? Its just like an art painter who is colour-blind. How well can she fare?
Get to know yourself first before you dive into what you think its the best for yourself. You want to be an air hostess, find out first if you love traveling and you can stand the rigours of flying.
You want to start a business and you are bad at saving. It is either you don’t start or you find a partner who knows how to save so as to check your excesses otherwise, in a while, that business might be nowhere.
You don’t have to be the best at everything, the only thing you should be the best at is knowing who you are!


#Conversation one
MARYAM: what do you want to become in future?
KAREEMAH: I want to become an Advocate for Women Empowerment

#Conversation 2
MARYAM: What would you rather be in the nearest future?
LATEEFAH: Hmmm, I am not sure. I don’t really know. In fact, I haven’t thought about it.
What do you think is the difference between Kareemah and Lateefah in these coversations? Kareemah is absolutely sure of what she wants to become in future and what she wants to do while Lateefah on the other hand does not. She hasn’t even thought of what she wants to become in the nearest future. Who do you think will climb up the success ladder faster? Kareemah, of course! Why? Because she knows what she wants, she is already sure about what she wants to become. In turn she is more focused; she would be on the alert in working towards her goal in becoming an Advocate for women empowerment. While Lateefah on the other hand does not even have something to hold on to, to focus on. Trust me until when Lateefah is able to know what she wants to become whether she wants it or not she will be carried about by the tides of life from one thing to another.
Climbing the success ladder comes to no one who doesn’t know what they want to become in life. All the successful women and men of the world couldn’t have done it without knowing what they wanted to become.
Even when you havent found out what you want to become in life, still dont stop do something that will enable you find out what you want. Its okay not to be sure about what you want to become at a certain point of your life. But no one can go far without it.
Knowing what you want to become gives you a sense of direction and it gives you the required energy you need to make happened.
You cannot develop yourself without knowing what you want to become

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a PLAN is defined as a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something. Are you trying to achieve your success story and climb up that success ladder? Than having a plan is an essential requirement that develops a muslimah to reach for that success.
A person without a plan is not going to achieve much. So if you want people to see you as a developed person in terms of your personality it is essential you plan towards your success.
Planning includes taking steps and actions towards that. You need to be organized. When you wake up in the morning, as a person with goals. Dont watch your day vanishing in front of you without making use of it. Plan your day ahead. Plan what you want to be doing in the next two months. Even when you know what you want to do it is still very easy to not work towards it because you have refused to plan towards them. Keep taking steps it is a sign that tomorrow will be different and better from yesterday.
Have goals: both short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are goals you can achieve within a very short period of time while intermediate ones take a while but not too long. However, long-term goals are goals that take a long while before they can be achieved. It might take you years before you get them done.
One important thing about goals is they set the pace for you achieving your future goal. Making goals towards the outstanding person you want to become is the only way to confirm whether you are going to get there or not.
If you want to be a motivational speaker and start a consultation firm in the future. It is not going to happen overnight. However having short term goals like reading and reviewing motivational books, listening to motivational speakers and having a mentor in that area are necessary goals you need to set in place before you can achieve what it is you want.

This is the point when you execute your plans. Whatever it is you have being planning is only in your head and perhaps remains on your note pad if you do not execute it. Your plans need to be brought to life so you can see and measure how you are doing. If you dont have an attitude to execute plans, you will have difficulty climbing the success ladder. Because the only thing that you have to show to people that you are exceptional and more than capable is the plans you have been able to execute.
Nobody really cares about your plan unless it is executed. If you plan to write a novel in six months time and you tell someone and by the 10th month you have nothing to show for it, trust me whoever you told that would see you as a joker. Even if the fault didnt come from you, maybe you had a financial constraints, no one would care for the story. That is why when you plan, execute in a manner you wont fail, people can still take delay to an extent but when you fully fail at execution you really do not have something to show for it.

Maintenance is a large requirement of success. The richest people in the world today wont be on that chart if they hadnt maintained their success. So many times I see muslimahs who recorded success at the inception of their businesses but one way or another they didnt maintain it and felt once the success is there it will always be there. Success is nobodys property it wont stay just because it has been there before. If you do not manage and maintain it, it will leave you.
So you see a new restaurant doing quite fine in the first six months they have the crowd and all and after a year, the customer service goes bad, and they become inconsistent with their food menu. Very likely in about two- three years of operations, they will start to experience a declining turnout of patronage and before you know it the restaurant you had to wait in line for, to be attended to, barely has customers.
What do you think happened? I will tell you- Poor maintenance of their success. When you start counting and recounting good times that is not the time to relax! In fact its like you just began, get more professional, and dont lose sight of anything. Maintain your high standard because if you dont, that success wont stay with you for long.
What do you think happened to people who were doing quite great and at some point you barely hear about them. Its because they couldnt maintain their success rate.
*Stay focused and consistent: Focus and consistency is key to developing yourself. If you arent focus you will lose direction. And you might end up not being able to find yourself. Focus and channel your energy into things that are essential and important to your success.
Do away with people and things that wont make your life better when they are in your life. Let go and focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Try as much as possible to not put too much thought into what people think and feel about you or what you are doing. The only thing you should worry about is Allah. Does He approve of what you are doing?
Stay consistent, keep the flows coming, its not going to be easy but it will be worth it. It is very easy to slack down.
However keep a reminder of your goals somewhere in your room, on your note pad or your phone so whenever you bump into it. All the things you are supposed to do and not forget keeps rushing to the surface of your mind.
Failing is part of planning dont be afraid of failing. When you fail get back up, dust yourself and find out what made you fail and works towards how you can improve on it. Dont bother worrying about what you should have done or worrying about the mistakes you made. Worry about not making the mistakes again. Failing is a sign that one day you will succeed.
When trying to maintain your success rate I will advise you stay in vogue. Be conversant with what you could do again that people around you need at that point. Be creative. Be in their minds always. It only means more success for you.


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