Hijab + Attitude (Hijabtitude)

Isnt there more to being covered and chic”? What lies beyond the cute look you have with the graceful hijab on your head? Good or bad- your attitude is a complement of your hijab. Lets talk about the hijab and your attitude- your hijabtitude.

Dear hijabie,
Can you hold a cordial and rudeness-free conversation with your family, spouse, friends, colleagues and even strangers? If YES then that’s very good of you. If otherwise though, please you need to adjust and try as much as possible to not be insulting when holding a conversation with anyone. It does not matter whether you are trying to drive home a point or you are in complete disagreement with them. Nobody wants to listen to you while you speak rudely to them even if they are forced to listen.

Are you the don’t touch my stuff type”? As far as this is subjective, you have every right to your personal belonging but when you are the extremely touchy type when your private space is encroached, it tends to piss off the people around you and put them on edge, as they are extremely cautious of your wrath. It might also take its toll on you too, someday you may need to use someone else’s stuff but because of your un-accomodating attitude they would be unwilling to share. Dear sisters, there’s love in sharing.

When you make promises, do you keep to them or you break them? If you don’t however, it’s a bad habit for a Muslim. The Prophet once said:
“Shall I tell you the attributes of a hypocrite? Whenever he speaks he lies, whenever he makes a promise he breaks it and whenever he is trusted with something he betrays that trust.”
Most of the time, we find it easy to break our promise. Somebody confines a secret to you, you promise not to tell but later you somehow did. Not only does it make you a hypocrite but it also makes you an unreliable person. So the next promise you make, try and keep it.

How about anger management? How do you react when you are angry? Do you hit the rooftops and throw verbal or physical fireworks? There’s a reason why the Prophet said: “Do not be angry”. In anger lies destruction with your tongue and actions. When you are angry try as much as possible to stay calm and refrain from foul words or action in fact if the anger is quite bad, performing ablution is recommended islamically.

Improving your attitude every now and then is a key to an astonishing personality for every muslimah. Stay tuned.

Salaam alaykum.


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