Nigeria is made of different tribes and diverse cultures yet she still thrives despite the differences between her people. This is because despite the differences in the culture of the people, they have been able to find a common ground in which they would always agree on. This is found in their love for good food and a healthy lifestyle. Nigeria has a rich culinary culture and while growing up I have had the good luck to partake of many tasty and delicious delicacies.

One of my all-time favourites remains ogbono, a soup favoured by the Igbos and I shall be sharing its health benefits and the recipe in this article.
Ogbono also called wild African mango or bush mango has its botanical name as Irvingia gabonensis and is indigenous to the humid forest zone from the northern part of Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire and Uganda.

It contains a good amount of amino acids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and phosphorus, protein, vitamin D, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and it also happens to be rich in protein.

Its additional benefits include:
It helps reduce cholesterol level in the body:
It aids in weight loss
It helps in body building.
Its ingredients can be readily found in your local and it is quite easy to prepare. You can even experiment with it by adding your own ingredients. An aunt once prepared ogbono with Egusi and periwinkles and it tasted amazing.


Ogbono (grinded into powder)
Beef or Goat meat (poultry can also be used)
Dried fish
Stock fish
Pepper (freshly grinded or dry)
Palm oil
Ugwu (cut)


Boil your meat and add seasoning to your taste( the meat stock will be used for cooking so you don’t need to add extra seasoning later on)

When the meat becomes slightly tender, add dried fish, stock fish and crayfish and let it simmer(until meat becomes tender)

Heat palm oil in a separate pot and add the ogbono, turn until it becomes a smooth paste

Add snails, periwinkle, pepper and palm oil to the meat pot.

Add the ogbono paste to meat pot and stir until it becomes thick( the ogbono is a thickening agent) and leave for about 3 mins

Add the washed Ugwu and leave to simmer for about 2 mins

Serve with any swallow of your choice(I prefer Eba though, each one to his own)😋

Yummy! Don’t forget to join us next time!

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