The classic kimono jacket is a traditional Japanese garment. Derived from the word ki (wear) and mono (thing). Kimonos wear and still are traditionally worn for various occasions and seasons. Although these days kimono has gone far and wide in style and fashion. Almost everyone around the globe owns one or two. Kimono has also been on the rise in the modest fashion world today.

Muslimahs love them so much because it provides the required covering for a Muslim woman according to Islam. However there are so many ways of wearing kimono and styling them for a Muslim woman who wants to look chic and modest at the same time.

Find below some few tips on how to style your kimono to achieve that modest fashionable look (winks).

  • The corporate and modest look
IG: @angelzee

To create a corporate look with a kimono on top might seem like a task but it’s not. In the picture below on air personality @angel.zee is seen effortlessly doing so by wearing a white top tucked into a skinny black jean, underneath her red floral kimono. The gist you notice about her kimono is the color and the hand. While the red color compliments her white and black outfit giving it a fresh twist, the slim long sleeve hand of her kimono gives the total package of a corporate and modest look. I advice you choose a kimono with a slim sleeve if you are trying to create a corporate look!

  • Go baggy and chic

You are allowed to go baggy on your kimono. Kimono are usually very free and sometimes they come looking like an overall especially with the large sleeves and still look great! If you are used to wearing baggy clothes like me and hiding your body behind them. Try out going baggy with your kimono. You can do so by wearing a wide leg palazzo pants with a tucked in shirt under and drop your kimono on it free and go free like that.

Popular beauty and fashion modest influencer @basma_k is seen doing so in this her Instagram post.

Her outfit looks baggy and chic and trust me it was the kimono that did the trick. It created an additional color to her outfit. As you can see she coordinated her outfit color with the soft pink look. Imagine that outfit without the kimono? Looks cool but not so chic right? That’s kimono for you! @basma_k nailed it.

  • Style your kimono as a gown

Wondering how? Kimono are big and free enough to wrap around or put together to form a gown. Just get a sash or if you are lucky your kimono comes with one. After putting your kimono on. Put the open edges together in front of you and tie your sash or belt on top tightly or freely how you want it. Or you pull one of the edges over the other to form some sort of cress cross, just the way you want it and pin them together with a brooch or tie your sash on top to hold your cress cross in place. There you go.

The gist about this. If you don’t like your kimono flying about you when you are walking this style puts it in place. Or if you are trying to create another look with the same kimono you can wear it this way. Some persons will pass you buy thinking you just bought a new dress or gown not knowing it’s the same kimono you wore last month! ( hehe)

@sekinat_sanni a modest lifestyle fashion blogger is seen doing so in this picture below. Wouldn’t you have passed her by thinking she was wearing a dress or a gown?  By the way the extra adornment and style done to the hands of her kimono gives it more life.

  • Wearing a half-length or calf length kimono

If you don’t like kimono dragging behind you or you feel more comfortable in something not too long. I recommend the calf-length kimono for you. Half-length kimono have their style lying in their length. They allow other clothing you wear under your kimono to be seen unlike the full length kimono which does total covering most of the time. They are good to wear when the weather is so hot and you still want to wear a kimono. You can wear them on top of a skinny or mommy jean (with a belt). You can also try them on a palazzo or a slim long skirt. Wear your half kimono free! Always looks good.

@ayshaharun is seen below wearing a half-length kimono on top of a stripped black and white palazzo pant with a snuggled black top. She looks so casual and effortlessly slaying as a modest muslimah.

  • Kimono+ Gown

Have you ever tried wearing your kimono on a gown? If not read this tip and try it. You might think two long clothing together but trust me, they are a blessing to your modest fashion life. When trying to style these two pieces together. Its better the gown is in a single color while the kimono is in a sharper contrast color or has some floral tone.

For instance wearing a black gown and a sky blue floral kimono imagine the look. However don’t think too far, in the picture below from @niswafashion the model is seen wearing a black gown under a blush floral kimono. The design and style of this kimono are top notch. From the buttons on the chest which holds the kimono together at the chest area and leaves everything else free forming “A” symmetrical style, to the hands which has rubber band attached to it giving the sleeve some light puffy look and also the color and floral design. You can easily pull the sleeves up and perform ablution on the go. Masha Allah, how comfortable is that? Very.

If you don’t like wearing trousers with your kimono. I suggest you try out a gown with your kimono. It gives you an extremely free on top of the world feeling.

I hope you found these tips useful for your next kimono outfit, and if you don’t have one go get one and try out these tips. You will love it.

One last thing, if you don’t know what to wear, wear a kimono! Haha!!



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